Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates Vanijya Bhawan, launches NIRYAT portal



Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Vanijya Bhawan and launched NIRYAT portal in Delhi on Thursday. Vanijya Bhawan and NIRYAT portal is yet another important step towards citizen centric governance, the PM said. 

He said that the current additions will enhance the existing physical and digital infrastructure being used to serve the citizens of the country. The country has been moving in this respect for the last 8 years, PM Modi said. 

Union Ministers Piyush Goyal, Som Prakash and Anupriya Patel were also present during the event. 

The country has got the gift of a new and modern commercial building as well as an export portal, PM Modi said. 

The new Vanijya Bhawan and NIRYAT portal will bring changes and significant benefits for those associated with trade, commerce and MSME sector, PM Modi said adding that they are representations of Atmanirbhar India.  

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PM Modi said that this was also the time to renew the pledge of ease of doing business and through that ‘ease of living’ too. Ease of access is the link between the two, he said further.  

Ease of access and development for all is a feeling Vanijya Bhawan reflects, he added. 

Despite Global disruption last year, India’s exports stood at a total of USD 670 billion (50 lakh crore). Last year, the country had decided to cross the threshold of USD 400 billion i.e. 30 lakh crore merchandize export, despite all challenges. But the country made a new record, exported USD 418 billion (Rs 31 lakh crore). 

“Encouraged by this success of the past years, we have now increased our export targets and have doubled our efforts to achieve them. Collective effort of everyone is very necessary to achieve these new goals”, he said, further adding that not only short term but long term targets should be set. 

“Today, every ministry, every department of the government is giving priority to increasing exports with a ‘whole of government’ approach,” PM Modi acknowledged.  

The Prime Minister also requested every department to periodically review the portals and platforms that have been developed in recent times.  

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