Anandeshwar Panday, The Treasurer of the Indian Olympic Association.

Anandeshwar Panday, The Treasurer of the Indian Olympic Association.

Born on January 1, 1995, Anandeshwar Panday hails from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Anandeshwar currently is the Treasurer of the Indian Olympic Association. If you are an Indian sports fan, You know him already. 

Anandeshwar Panday has always been known for his works for the betterment of Sports and Sports Persons in India. Under his Guidance, the Indian Olympics Association and the Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association have grown up tremendously in recent years.

His Excellency, Vision and Mission towards the games has given him ample responsibilities. Anandeshwar is the Treasurer of the Indian Olympic Association, Secretary of the South Asian Handball Federation, President of the Indian Hapkido Federation and Standing committee member of the Olympic Council of Asia.

Anandeshwar was recently appointed as Chairman of the coordination committee of the upcoming National Games which will be held in Gujarat later this year. He shared this information through his social media channels. The President of IOA said it's an honour to appoint Pandey Ji as Chairman. We are assured that the games will be held smoothly under his chairmanship.

Anandeshwar Panday is currently in Birmingham with the President of the India Olympics Association. They demanded the inclusion of Shooting and Wrestling at the CWG 2026, Which will be held in Australia.

"The games  Wrestling and Shooting gave us 16+ Medals at the Gold Coast Games in 2018, Removal of such games from the commonwealth games isn't fine. We had a positive talk with the CWF regarding the inclusion, Anandeshwar further said"