Bilal Hazziez Excoriated Over Manipulation, “Prank” House at the Tell All

On the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Tell All Part 1, the focus shifted to Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween. … Bilal Hazziez Excoriated Over Manipulation, “Prank” House at the Tell All was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip .

Bilal Hazziez Excoriated Over Manipulation, “Prank” House at the Tell All

On the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Tell All Part 1, the focus shifted to Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween.

Shaeeda had a chance to discuss things, from Bilal’s ex to his “prank” house. He was a villain this season.

But Shaeeda is still married to Bilal. Despite the control issues and the lectures, she still loves him.

His own castmates, on the other hand, absolutely demolished him. Patrick in particular called out how he was manipulating everyone.

During the Tell All Part 1, Shaun Robinson asked Shaeeda about how she adjusted to the United States.

Both past and present, some cast members have discussed culture shock.

Shaeeda shared that “the prank” was more shocking than anything else about life in the US.

Many people would love to have a house that they own outright, even on in disrepair, but there’s a difference between suddenly coming into home ownership and doing what Shaeeda believes is happening — finding out that the man you love, who has hidden his lifestyle from you, is living in a home in desperate need of repair, some of which is visible from the street.

She is, of course, referring to how Bilal picked her up in a work van and took her to a dilapidated home.

It was not his normal car or normal house. It was his childhood home. He brought her there as a test.

Bilal can call this a “prank” all that he likes, but he clearly set Shaeeda up to fail.

A lot of homes take damage from weather, animals, and the passage of time, while remaining pristine within. A ceiling that is visibly falling apart (and the creepy lock on the outside of the bedroom doors) is very different, because that is inside of the house.

Bilal did his best to spin Shaeeda’s reactions to the house as “entitled” or worse. He expressed disappointment.

But all things considered, if you move to another country and your partner takes you to a dilapidated home, you have every right to be unhappy.

Even if it had been Bilal’s real house, it would mean that he hid this from her. The truth, as it turned out, was worse.

This is not what she signed up for
While Shaeeda of course was taking a risk by traveling to be with Bilal without seeing her home ahead of time, she has met him — she saw his nice luggage, and she knows that to do what he does for a living requires a decent amount of money.

Because that wasn’t Bilal’s usual car or house. He had never let Shaeeda see either of them.

Refusing to disclose your home and assets is a red flag — in a serious relationship. This was more than that.

What he clearly did was set up Shaeeda to “fail” his test. When she did, his “disappointment” became a tool to make her apologetic.

Bilal takes Shaeeda to
Shaeeda notices that the houses are getting nicer and the neighborhood more affluent as they drive. Then he takes her through the door of what we, the viewers, know to be Bilal’s home.

Bilal’s actual home and car are both very nice. Not especially colorful, but nice.

But that twisted test was only the beginning of Bilal’s manipulate, mansplain, malewife routine on Shaeeda.

She never knew what lecture or surprise would come next. Perhaps the point was to keep her on her toes.

“The prank,” Shaeeda said at the Tell All. “We still have disagreements.”

As she explained to their gorgeous host, Shaun Robinson, she and her family had welcomed him with open arms when he had visited Trinidad.

“The thing about it,” Shaeeda expressed, “he wants me to be grateful and appreciate it. The house, it was not flattering.”

Even at the Tell All, Bilal seemed to condemn Shaeeda’s very mild reaction to the house.

(Please keep in mind, there was a bike lock on her “bedroom” door and the sink wasn’t right)

This is when castmates spoke up, starting with Kobe Blaise.

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise were not centers of attention at the Tell All Part 1, but they did have some life updates to share.

He called out how Bilal’s test said more about him — that he viewed Shaeeda as a potential gold-digger — than about her.

Yvette Arellano also had something to say, observing that he is constantly testing Shaeeda.

Bilal of course turned that around, asking why it’s “control” and “testing” when he does it but not … when she does it?

It’s unclear what tests or controlling behavior Yve is meant to have exhibited in her relationship with Mohamed.

But Bilal insisted that he doesn’t test her, but wants “words of confirmation.” Whatever that means.

He declared that he wants to “build an empire together” with Shaeeda. Okay.

Ariela Weinberg noted that Bilal seems to have an answer for everything.

This, she pointed out, helps him control the narrative.

Time after time, we have all watched him tell Shaeeda how she feels.

Not everyone was immune to Bilal’s powers of persuasion.

Guillermo Rojer, perhaps feeling bad for seeing Bilal called out, spoke up in support of him.

He noted that he admires that Bilal always says “sorry” when he’s speaking. It’s always good to apologize … right?

But Patrick Mendes saw right through Bilal’s manipulation tactics, and called him out in front of everyone.

“He’s a salesman,” Patrick pointed out. “He is an amazing salesman. That is what we are all witnessing right now.”

He observed how Bilal was deflecting criticism and redirecting the conversation, commenting: “Being a salesman, I’m watching in awe.”

Bilal tries this trick again — it’s like he can’t help himself — trying to argue that they are all salespeople.

“You’ll never stop,” Patrick interjected. “You can always control the conversation in a way, because you know what to say, when to say. …”

He added: “you know how that person is going to react, you know how to drop your tone, you know how to get people engaged.”

Patrick then added: “It’s a habit now.”

He noted that Bilal will say “I see what you’re saying, but” to always point conversations where he wants them to go.

Many of us understood this was we watched the season. It was beautiful to see Patrick spell it all out on screen.

Bilal Hazziez Excoriated Over Manipulation, “Prank” House at the Tell All was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip .