Oracle’s Larry Ellison Unveils Ambitious Plan to Establish 100 Global Data Centers



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In a tremendous pass to fulfill the escalating call, Oracle is ready to dramatically make its records center presence, as announced by way of founder and CTO Larry Ellison in the course of the organization’s Q2 2024 income name this week. The plan includes the enlargement of 66 current cloud information centers and the construction of a further hundred new cloud records facilities.

Ellison explained, “We have to build 100 additional cloud statistics centers due to the fact there are billions of dollars more in shriveled demand than we presently can deliver.” He highlighted the unparalleled increase in cloud infrastructure calls and revealed that Oracle expects to signal multi-billion-greenback cloud infrastructure contracts within the coming weeks.

Oracle, which typically is predicated on leasing areas from third-birthday party data center vendors, is taking an ambitious step to decorate its infrastructure. Ellison emphasized the corporation’s potential to swiftly construct and perform new facts centers correctly because of their identical architectural shape, high degree of automation, uniform excessive-overall performance RDMA network, and the integration of self-reliant services and programs.

CEO Safra Catz furnished insights into Oracle’s current global cloud presence, mentioning 66 consumer-dealing with cloud areas, 45 public cloud regions globally (with six underneath construction), 10 live dedicated regions, and 13 greater inside the planning tiers. Additionally, the organization has set up 9 countrywide security areas and EU sovereign areas.

Ellison disclosed plans to release Oracle offerings in 20 Microsoft records centers in the coming months, totaling over 2,000 racks. He clarified that the 100-discern enlargement would encompass both Oracle Cloud areas and deployments in Microsoft’s facilities. The pass comes in response to Microsoft’s dedication that putting in 2,000 Exadata machines in those 20 facts facilities is vital due to overwhelming demand.

Highlighting international demand, Ellison referred to that “numerous nation-states,” which include Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and New Zealand, have commissioned a couple of sovereign statistics facilities inside their borders.

In a noteworthy revelation, Ellison shared that Elon Musk’s AI venture, xAI, is a sizeable Oracle customer. Oracle furnished enough Nvidia GPUs for xAI to launch the primary version of its massive language version, Grok. However, he mentioned Musk’s choice for even more GPUs than to begin with provided.

Oracle’s economic effects for the zone pondered tremendous performance, with general sales achieving $12.9 billion, a five percent YoY boom. Cloud revenue, combining IaaS and SaaS, totaled $four.8 billion, reflecting a super 25 percent growth. Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) sales rose utilizing fifty-two percent to $1.6 billion. Despite a decline in Cloud license and on-premise license sales by 18 percent to $1.2 billion, CEO Catz expressed optimism, stating, “Our cloud organizations at the moment are at almost a $20 billion annual sales run charge, and cloud services demand continues to develop at unprecedented ranges. Business is right and getting higher.”

In the previous area (Q1 2024), Oracle mentioned general sales of $12.5 billion, a nine percent increase, and an internet income of $2.42 billion. Cloud services and license guide sales saw a 13 percent increase to $9.Five billion, even as Cloud license and on-premise license revenues decreased by way of 10 percent to $800 million.

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