Heidi Montag Reveals Transformation into her ‘Best Version’ Post Baby No. 2 Arrival (Exclusive)



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Heidi Montag is embracing her newfound sense of self, having shed 22 pounds after giving birth to her son, Ryker.

The 37-year-old reality star, who recently welcomed her second child with husband Spencer Pratt, spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about her journey to regain strength and wellness. In partnership with Hydroxycut, Montag shared insights into her post-pregnancy fitness routine and the importance of incorporating the weight loss supplement into her lifestyle.

Following Ryker’s birth in November 2022, Montag was determined to avoid back problems by prioritizing immediate strength training. Reflecting on her experience with her first child, she recognized the need for a proactive approach to fitness. “I wanted to be the best version of myself, and I thought, ‘It is time to start working out as soon as possible,’” Montag explained.

In her role as a mother of two young boys, Montag admitted to feeling “tired [and] busy” and sought additional support for her body transformation. Hydroxycut, with its blend of multivitamins and energy-boosting properties, became a perfect complement to her fitness goals.

Montag’s dedication extends beyond supplements, emphasizing a commitment to consuming the healthiest foods and maintaining an active lifestyle. “It’s about getting in the gym for me and being able to lift weights. I lift weights from three to five times a week, which I love,” she shared. Montag also embraces outdoor activities like hiking and playing sports with her sons.

Setting a positive example for her children is a key aspect of Montag’s healthy lifestyle. She emphasizes the importance of balance, providing her kids with nutritious options while still allowing them to enjoy childhood pleasures. Pratt, too, has embarked on his health journey, aligning with Montag’s commitment to well-being.

While the couple, known as “Speidi,” used to engage in friendly gym competitions, Pratt has now taken a supportive role, allowing Montag to focus on her personal fitness goals. Montag expressed gratitude for Pratt’s encouragement, stating, “Spencer has really stepped up and supported me completely… I want you to focus on yourself and feel good about yourself.”

Ultimately, Montag’s focus remains on being the healthiest mom for her boys, steering away from comparisons with others. With Spencer’s unwavering support, she has found the time and encouragement to prioritize her well-being amid the demands of motherhood.

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