Kunal Devar: Trailblazing Digital Entrepreneur and Founder of KDSOCIALHUB



Kunal Devar, at the young age of 21, has emerged as a notable entrepreneur with exceptional skills in the realms of social media and marketing. His journey commenced at the age of 18 when he started selling mobile cases and small-scale accessories. Gradually, he ventured into the fashion industry with his clothing brand, “KDTHREADSS,” where he designed and customized clothes, both online and at outlets across Mumbai. This early entrepreneurial spark laid the foundation for Kunal’s successful career in the business sector, having now served over 10,000 satisfied clients.

The mantra, “No one can stop you once you decide to grow,” encapsulates Kunal’s entrepreneurial spirit, evident in his diversified ventures. Kunal established his Party Shop, “ORANGE,” specializing in party décor and accessories, showcasing his versatility and ability to explore various avenues for income generation. Despite his young age, Kunal has achieved significant milestones, with a focus on building a successful and bright future through upcoming ideas and start-ups.

Kunal’s journey extends further into the realm of Digital Marketing, where he saw an opportunity to help both himself and those around him grow digitally on various social media platforms. This led to the creation of his PR and Marketing Agency, “KDSOCIALHUB,” boasting a team of 25 members and a substantial clientele. KDSOCIALHUB offers a range of services, including PR and Marketing services, media and news coverage, social media management, organic social media growth, and more.

According to Kunal, “success doesn’t come to you unless you want it to make it happen.” Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Kunal actively contributes to guiding fellow students and individuals of his age in overcoming challenges and setting up businesses at a young age. He emphasizes that there is no correct age to start a business and urges people to break stereotypes surrounding entrepreneurs, encouraging respect for their diverse pursuits.

Despite his entrepreneurial commitments, Kunal Devar maintains a commitment to education, highlighting his exceptional abilities and management skills. These qualities underscore his role as a successful entrepreneur in today’s dynamic marketing landscape.

For more insights, visit Kunal Devar on Instagram: @kunal.devar

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