Lakshay Jain: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Expands Horizons with Mascan, a Digital Media Holding Powerhouse



Meet Lakshay Jain, a young and accomplished entrepreneur who has left an indelible mark on the world of business. Born on January 30, 2004, in Panchkula, Haryana, he is the visionary founder and CEO of Mevrex, a full-stack media and marketing agency operating in over 30 countries. Now, he’s set to make waves with the launch of Mascan, a digital media holding company based in Newark, Delaware.

Mascan specializes in acquiring, growing, and selling digital media assets, encompassing websites, blogs, apps, social media properties, and communities. Positioned to capitalize on the rapidly growing digital media industry valued at $345 billion in 2021, according to GlobalData, Lakshay Jain passionately believes in the industry’s expansive future, as seen in his Instagram stories and LinkedIn posts.

With a strategic focus on acquisitions, including prominent websites and social media properties, Mascan aims to cultivate and expand its portfolio. Lakshay Jain, with a track record of successful businesses, is no stranger to building empires. Having founded Mevrex at the age of 16, he transformed it into a 7-figure agency offering comprehensive public relations, branding, marketing, and reputation management services globally.

As Mascan takes shape, Lakshay envisions a new challenge and an opportunity to create a significant impact in the digital media industry. In an interview with The Week, he emphasized the pivotal role of content creation for entrepreneurs in brand building and expanding reach. Lakshay believes Mascan has the potential to disrupt the industry and set a new standard for digital media companies.

Mascan is not merely an entity acquiring and selling digital media properties; it’s a company centered on building relationships with clients and partners. Leveraging his exceptional communication skills, Lakshay plans to forge strong partnerships with other digital media companies and entrepreneurs, creating a collaborative and dynamic ecosystem.

Beyond his roles at Mevrex and Mascan, Lakshay Jain is a fervent motivational speaker, having graced TEDx stages and notable events worldwide. Recognizing the importance of content creation for entrepreneurs, he emphasizes its significance in news interviews, portraying himself as not just a successful businessman but also an inspiring figure in the entrepreneurial community.

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