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TRAGIC: 37-Year-Old Italian Swimmer Reportedly Took His Own Life After a Long Period of Suffering Due to COVID Vaccine Reaction



Claudio Rais, a personal trainer, swimming champion, and a man full of dreams, died at the age of 37.

Mr. Rais reportedly took his own life by jumping off the Rosello Bridge, the highest and most important bridge in the city of Sassari in Italy, according to Swim for Life Magazine.

Rais was struggling with his health after he suffered an adverse reaction following his third dose of the COVID vaccine on February 10, 2022, a Moderna dose after the first two Pfizers, Alghero Live reported.

Claudio’s Facebook page was filled with uplifting and motivational posts about his passion for coaching others and swimming until he began experiencing negative side effects from the COVID vaccine.

On July 30, 2022, Claudio wrote on his Facebook page about his health problem.

“I wanted to thank you all for your support and concern towards me in these difficult days. I had so many calls and messages and it was honestly much appreciated. Unfortunately, not everything is up to us. Sometimes you have to deal with adverse and alas, totally unexpected situations. I can guarantee you not knowing what’s really going on and having to deal with a health care system to say the least certainly doesn’t help reassure people. Health is the most precious gift we have in life, I didn’t discover this today but it will and will always be the front page of my coming days. On the other hand, hope and will to live fully and take the situation in my hands, I hope it will give me the strength to face the path in this hostile moment…”

On September 28, 2022, Claudio wrote a lengthy post describing his ordeal about the COVID-19 vaccine reactions.

[Translation] But how do you still allow yourself …? … are you really so presumptuous as to seriously think that a person who has dedicated all of himself to sports, physical activity, and the well-being of himself and others … can stop everything from one day to the next and spend thousands of euros on visits of all kinds because he is dreaming of being unwell? I was damaged by a reaction that together with the effects of COVID has created very serious neurological and physiological damage that is literally PREVENTING me from living a normal and respectful life.

From the outside you can’t and can never understand but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to shoot sentences without any restraint. If it were really as some of you claim there would have been no problem admitting it.

“The fact is that it’s not like that unfortunately and I stress UNFORTUNATELY … because I have proof of it every second that passes… and I with the little strength and lucidity that I have left … I am desperately trying to find the life that has been taken from me and I will do it as long as my heart beats. Many in my place would have already put a rope around their necks without thinking twice. My situation is getting worse with more and more frightening symptoms that I don’t know how I can stand yet. Joints, skin, organs and especially cognitive deficits to be compared to those of severe brain trauma. Sensitivity, cognition, thermoregulation, balance, sight, appetite, thirst, impulses, desires, organic functionalities, emotions, perceptions, pain…in a word…LIFE!”

“I’m scared, I can’t find a remedy even though I unfortunately think there won’t be much to do…hope is the last to die, but dignity can’t be trampled on either. So please, put one hand on your conscience and the other on your heart and since you can’t understand what really happened, that I’ve lived and am living, at least have the common sense not to judge. I hope these words of mine have served to understand at least in part the damage I have suffered. Fortunately, there are so many people who have never doubted a single moment and who support me in this exhausting war. My thanks are for you, for those who know me seriously.”

On the same day, Claudio was looking for a vascular surgeon for a brain biopsy – angio-RM.

On December 6, 2022, Claudio posted a statement on Facebook, suggesting that he had already given up due to the complications he was experiencing with his health.

“Ends here, ends today… Fate wanted my life to be totally stripped of its essence. One in a billion cases, maybe not even… it’s my turn. I’d rather walk away and not burden anyone but especially not burden myself for the rest of my days. I thank God for everything he has given me every single day of these years and all the wonderful people he has brought me to meet. Now all I can do is swim freely in the clouds. I hope I will stay forever in your hearts,” he wrote.

On December 25th, Claudio was able to send everybody a Christmas message, “Wishing you the most precious gift one can receive in life: HEALTH. Thank you and Merry Christmas my friends.”

One of Claudio’s closest friends debunked the claim that he died of a heart attack, according to Zone D’ Ombra.

[Translation] “I’m reading absurd things from the newspapers in my city and region. Claudio was sick a year ago after the third dose, you read the symptoms you had, this also prevented him from participating last summer in the swimming teams in Rome, prevented him from doing his job as a personal trainer and prevented him from being able to get out of bed. He has been almost a year doing paid visits also to try to understand what he had or what his bad was due to but no one knew or I hypothesized to give him an answer a cure or a solution and in the meantime it has worsened but it is known that this on collateral damage is an uncomfortable truth. The consequence of all this came this morning, as painful as it is to write it, he took his own life but the truth is that his real life for those like me other friends and family knew him, had already lost it for some time. He was a sportsman who in our community gave a hand to young and old with his knowledge of fitness and swimming. He was a golden boy.”

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